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Translated transcript:
Akari: Join us for another trip back to the future.
On-screen text: A futuristic story to heal your hearts.
On-screen text: A completely brand new animation.
Akari: Aria the Avvenire. Opens at September 26th. Be there at that wonderful curtain call.

A new anime has been announced as a part of the "Ao no Curtain Call" (Blue Curtain Call, I've also seen the translation Aquamarine Curtain Call) project, commemorating the 10-year anniversary of the first TV-series. In this project the old TV series will also recieve Blu-ray box releases! It is still not specified what format it will be in, as in whether it will be a movie or a series or whatever it could be, but we do know that it will again be directed by Junichi Sato, and that Reiko Yoshida will also return for the scripts. Masayuki Onchi has done the character designs. From the trailer I would guess that it could be a TV-series or an OVA, as I think a movie would try harder to flash high budget cuts. Ai, Akari's student is already a Single, and it also looks like the story might not be entirely linear, and skip between past and present.

I will be crossing my fingers for a full TV-series, but however it turns out I'm just thrilled at the idea of any new ARIA anime.


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