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Name: Athena Glory
Age: 21
Birthday: December 24
Birthplace: Aqua
Height: 170 cm
Blood type: AB

Athena is quite air-headed, often far off somewhere else in thought. As a result, she makes a lot of mistakes, falls down a lot and spills a lot. In a way most suiting of her, Athena's entrance into the lives of Alicia and Akira came in the form of accidentally ramming their gondola from the back. She somehow made friends with them and continued to practice with them until becoming a prima. Her prima name is "Siren" for her amazing singing abilities.

Athena works at Orange Planet, and trains Alice. Athena is not undependable or unintelligent despite her ways, she helps Alice out whenever she is in trouble.

Socially, Athena does more listening than talking but enjoys a conversation none the less. She has a very strange laugh.