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Name: Alicia Florence
Age: 19
Birthday: October 30
Birthplace: Not specified
Height: 165 cm
Blood type: A

Alicia decided to become an undine to follow her childhood friend Akira, and to Aikras eternal annoyance, eventually surpassed her and became a prima before her. She was 15 then, and at the time the youngest prima in history.

Her mentor was the legendary Ametsuchi Akino, who founded ARIA Company, or simply "grandma" as she prefers to be called. It may be because of the spirit of enjoyment that she shares with both Grandma and Akari that caused her to become so good. She is very graceful, calm and composed, but she also likes to tease people, Akira in particular. Her method of learning is naturally very different from Akira's; she never scolds or even corrects Akari when she makes a mistake, but simply tells her how to do it, encourages and watches.

Alicia inherited the care of ARIA Company and President Aria once Grandma retired. Her prima name is Snow-White.