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Name: Alice Carroll
Age: 14
Birthday: September 1
Birthplace: Aqua
Height: 145 cm
Blood type: B

Alice was scouted by Orange Planet for her natural talent in her middle school gondola club. She trains under her senior Athena. Alice starts out seeming as a somewhat cold and moody girl, but as she meets Akari and Aika on her practise one day, she is struck by Akari's warmth. She happens to meet Akari again, and after spending an afternoon with her she also begins to warm up. She becomes a friend of Akari and Aika, and continues to become a brighter personality through the series. Although Alice tries to remain serious and proper, her childish side does often shine through, like challenging herself in various games on her way home from middle-school, doing one-man rock-paper-scissors or the "left hand punishment punishment campaign". Alice takes care of Orange Planet's cat president Maa.

While Akari and Aika are Singles (second level apprentices that are allowed to wear only on glove), Alice is still a Pair (first level apprentice who wears two gloves). However, her talent that Orange Planet recognized her for may actually surpass them both. Alice refers to Akari and Aika as her seniors, and Aika affectionately calls her "Kouhai-chan (Junior-chan)".

Alice singing "Lumis Eterne" at that one important scene was my favorite moment in the series, hence the name of this site.