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Name: Akira F. Ferrari
Age: 20
Birthday: July 29
Birthplace: Aqua
Height: 168 cm
Blood type: O

Akira is a childhood friend of Alicia and prima undine at Himeya under the name "Crimson Rose". Much like Akari, Aika and Alice train together every day, Akira, Alicia and Athena used to as well. She is very competitive, and even tried to beat Athena at canzone (singing) for a long time, though she gave up eventually. Being like that, it was very hard for her when she became the last of the three to become a prima. She did not consider herself a natural at being an undine like she thought of her friends, a trouble mirrored by her apprentice Aika's situation, but inspired by someone unlikely, she pulled through with hard and rigorous work alone. Now she can pride herself on extensive knowledge of Neo-Venezias different places, and flawless people-skills.

Her own struggle reflects clearly in her training of Aika, which is extremely strict, earning her the title of "demon instructor". Despite this, she is in no way unkind. She is tough because she really cares, and when relaxed can be very pleasant.