Name: Mizunashi Akari
Age: 15
Birthday: January 30
Birthplace: Man-Home
Height: 155 cm
Blood type: A

Akari was born on Man-Home, and came to Neo-Venezia on Aqua because she admired the undines (gondoliers). Since then, she has come to love the planet and the city. She studies under the accomplished prima Alicia, and often practises with her friends Aika and Alice. She often writes e-mails to Ai on Man-Home.

Akari has a naturally bright outlook on life, finds great happiness in small things and can find some romantic disposition on just about anything. Because of this, people are drawn in and her friend-making capabilities are practically super-human. Akari is a talented undine, (although before she came to Aqua she accidentally practised rowing the gondola backwards!) but her contagious lighting up at ordinary, mundane things, and genuine love for her world may make up her true excellence in her profession.