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Name: Aika S. Granzchesta
Age: 16
Birthday: February 2
Birthplace: Aqua
Height: 160 cm
Blood type: O

Aika is the only heir to the Himeya company, and is treated with great respect by the other employees there, which she dislikes. The only one who does not do this, is her senior and teacher Akira, although she might go too far to the other extreme at times. She takes care of Himeyas cat president Hime.

Aika was the first friend Akari made on Aqua, and although their personalities are so different they get along well. She does her best to prevent Akari's embarrassing comments, but sometimes she gets caught up in it herself. She also becomes good friends with Alice in time. She has romantic feelings for Al. Aika adores Akari's senior Alicia as a godess, and she is the reason Aika got into undine training. She does not consider herself a natural, opposed to what she thinks of Alice and Akari, and is very troubled that she may fall behind them. She works very hard to keep up.

Although Aika speaks sternly like her senior, she is actually a crybaby.